An Act of Kindness, A Devastating Loss, Leads Woman to Find More Good – Good News Week

Good News What's Happening December 18, 2018


An Act of Kindness, A Devastating Loss, Leads Woman to Find More Good – Good News Week

GOOD NEWS WEEK –  As Christmas approaches we often find our mind wandering to thoughts of giving and acts kindness, or pondering on whether or not there is enough good left in the world… And maybe, as often happens this time of year, the thoughts will even grow to bear fruit, leading us to engage in random acts of kindness ourselves.

It was a random act of kindness, as told by a co-worker that lead Mary Latham to consider the simple good deeds that people pay each other daily across the country, the ones that we often never hear about.

Mary had been sitting in her work cubicle, reading the terrible news of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on her computer screen, when a co-worker approached. He told her of a man who had gone into the coffee shop earlier and had told the barista to pay for the orders of all of the customers in line behind him with a $100 gift card.

​What a nice thing to do, Mary thought. The act in stark contrast to the news she had been reading. She thought of how she had always heard of these random acts of kindness, but had never seen one firsthand.

After an encouraging conversation with her Mother, who was fighting cancer, Mary would later meet with a friend and decide to start a project to collect and post stories of random acts of kindness to social media. Posting one new story each weekday, the project caught on in a big way!

Eleven days later, Mary’s mother would end up in the hospital, and Mary, her Father and family, would be told the news, that mom didn’t have long to live.

In the weeks that followed her Mother’s passing, Mary found the positive and encouraging nature of the stories she was posting, were beginning to help her heal. Reminding her that there was still good in the world despite how she was feeling. She considered how many other families had spent time sitting in hospital waiting rooms and needed a reminder of the good too.

She realized that her social media project was merely a launching pad for a much bigger idea, one where she would go out in search of the stories, instead of waiting for them to come to her, then compile them in a coffee table book for hospital waiting rooms, in her Mother’s honor.

Mary Latham would embark on her mission in 2017 and is currently traveling the country. She is attempting to visit every state, while relying on the kindness of strangers, and collecting their stories of random acts of kindness. As of December 2018, Mary has 16 states left to go in her mission of personally collecting stories from every state.

Mary gave a talk at a local TEDx event, telling her amazing story in her own words, which I encourage you to watch below.

Or, if you would like to send her a proposal to meet and discuss stories of kindness, or just follow along with the journey, you can visit her More Good blog at or her Instagram at to find out more.

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