5 Tips to Get Your Garage Organized – And Keep It That Way

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5 Tips to Get Your Garage Organized – And Keep It That Way

(STATEPOINT) – Is your garage in disarray? While you dream of a perfectly organized workbench or garage, your reality probably looks more like a sea of random toys, boxes and exercise equipment.

Every do-it-yourselfer knows a clean, organized garage is the key to efficient project planning and repairs around the home. As we head into warmer months, set aside the time to take charge of the space and finally create a sense of tidiness that will last year-round.

Follow these five tips to tame the mess and get your garage back in shape:

  1. Invest in shelving that accommodates clear storage bins. When it comes to organizing and storing the assortment of cords, car care items, paint supplies and kid’s toys littering your garage, nothing does the job better than clear storage bins. Not only can you categorize items by project or activity type, you can also easily stack them to save space without sacrificing the ability to easily find what you need, when you need it. Invest in taller, wider shelving for the perimeter of the garage to accommodate your chosen bins.
  2. Fix or dispose of anything broken or past its prime. There’s nothing worse than scrambling to find a specific tool or product in an urgent situation, only to realize it’s broken, damaged or dried out. As you organize, pay attention to textures, consistencies and expiration dates. Toss and replace any items that have seen better days. For broken tools that seem salvageable, like cracked hoses or broken handles, reach for a professional grade, heavy-duty duct tape like T-Rex Tape to tackle the repair.
  3. Utilize ceiling and wall space with hanging storage. From bicycles and skis to rakes and shovels, some equipment is better off stored up and out of your way. Install hanging racks or shelving above the area where you park your vehicles to store larger, heavier equipment, and use a double-sided mounting tape to attach hooks along the sides of your garage for lighter-weight items.
  4. Stock up on the essentials so you can make repairs on the fly. While it’s great to have a wide assortment of tools and supplies, for many projects and repairs you really just need the basics – think max-strength waterproof tape, bungee cords, a hammer, nails and similar essentials. Use these items as the foundation of your garage workstation and stock up on extras to keep on-hand for emergencies, camping and other on-the-go uses.
  5. Give everything a home. Aim to group supplies for similar activities, tasks and repairs together, giving each category a “home.” In addition to helping keep things organized in dedicated spaces, hanging frequently used tools and supplies on hooks or pegboard can make it easier to quickly scan the garage and find exactly what you need. Use your mounting tape to safely and securely create a space to store and display all your go-to items.

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Whether you’re working on your car or tackling a weekend DIY project, having all your tools and supplies in order will make all the difference.

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