5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

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5 Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

(STATEPOINT) – Are you looking for ways to celebrate Earth Month? From enjoying nature to making simple changes to your routine that will have a positive impact on the environment, here are five cool ideas for marking the occasion.

1. Reduce and reuse. You may not realize how much waste you create each day when you use disposable containers, bags and plastic bottles. While recycling is a great thing to do, that process itself takes a lot of energy to support and, unfortunately, not everything makes it to the recycling center. A better way to reduce your waste is by ditching single-use items and opting for more eco-friendly, reusable alternatives.

2. Make smart swaps. Disposing of hazardous items such as batteries and bulbs can be tricky. Take a walk through your home and swap out items containing hazardous materials, such as bulbs with mercury, to rechargeable or hybrid alternatives. For example, Casio’s LampFree projectors have a hybrid Laser and LED light source which removes the need for hazardous bulbs.

3. Skip “fast fashion.” Many of your favorite stores likely sell what is known as “fast fashion.” The fast fashion concept is what brings brand new apparel to consumers on a consistent basis, but unfortunately, the mass production of these cheaply made garments takes a toll on the environment. You can secure fashionable finds in an eco-friendly way by taking a look at apps and websites that sell second-hand clothing or even by visiting a consignment or thrift shop for unique finds. Declutter your own closet and give your clothing a second life by making donations to those in need.

4. Get outdoors. Celebrate the beauty of the planet by getting outdoors. Whether you’re going on a hike, kayaking, or just taking a walk, high-tech wearables can help you make the most of the adventure. For example, Casio’s WSD-F30 Pro Trek Smart Outdoor Watch is durable and water-resistant, and includes apps that support outdoor activities. Such technology can help you track your activity, navigate your surroundings, and even remind you when it’s time to take a water break.

5. Get your veggies. Pick one day each week to eat a plant-based meal and skip the meat. You’ll be doing the planet a whole lot of good, as the production of meat and animal-based products requires far more water and land use than the production of plant-based foods do. Consider also being more mindful about food waste in your own household, buying only what you need.

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