A Storyteller, A Poem, A Reminder ‘My Christmas Eve’ – Good News

Good News December 23, 2019



A Storyteller, A Poem, A Reminder ‘My Christmas Eve’ – Good News

GOOD NEWS   –  Bob Welsh is a master storyteller, he is also a retired Ohio State Trooper. Bob writes pieces that speak straight to the heart and often paint an inspiring visual picture. A few years ago, Mr. Welsh recorded his reading of one of his touching poems, entitled “My Christmas Eve”.

Mr. Welsh’s poem represents a shared mission and desire to serve and protect held by many members of highway patrol, state and municipal police, all across the country. The poem embodies the sense of duty, service and sacrifice, no matter the patch, badge, or uniform.

Hopefully this poem will serve as a heartfelt reminder to all of us, that even a small gesture or act of kindness can have a positive and far reaching impact on those around us.

We hope this message will also serve as a reminder that impaired and/or distracted driving can impact not only your life, but the lives of others around you, and the lives of those who love you.

We urge you please be cautious and drive responsibly this holiday. If you are impaired, please have a plan in place to get home safely.

More of Bob Welsh’s poems can be found at www.BobWelsh.com. Enjoy, and have a safe and joyous Christmas!


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