Join for a Easter Sunday Church Drive-Along on Sunday, April 12th

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Join for a Easter Sunday Church Drive-Along on Sunday, April 12th

NEWCASTLE   –  Everyone is invited to join together for an Easter Sunday Church Drive-Along on Sunday, April 12th!

Organizers are asking families to decorate their car or truck with pictures of crosses, empty tombs, etc. Get your kids involved! Write with shoe polish or glass chalk on your windows something about Happy Easter and your church’s name (other churches will have their names on their vehicles to show it’s not just one church). *Please avoid any major parade-float type setups as we don’t want to encourage people to gather unnecessarily.

Meet at 8:30 a.m. at the Pinnacle Bank parking lot (Please remain in your vehicles). At 9:00 a.m. vehicles will be lead in a single-file procession from the bank through downtown to the bypass and then back to the bank.

We will turn on headlights and OCCASIONALLY honk horns as we drive the route.

After we return to the bank, we will have one leader from each church lead in prayer as one unified Body.

After prayer, we encourage you to consider driving through the different neighborhoods praying for each street.

Please do not feel as if you have to choose this over your own church’s events.

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