Lawmakers seem split on issue of a women’s boot camp

Wyoming News November 27, 2017


Lawmakers seem split on issue of a women’s boot camp

Cheyenne, WY. — As a recent lawsuit plays out over the legality of Wyoming’s men’s-only boot camp program, lawmakers in the state are split as to weather a women’s program is something the state can afford.

Represenative (R) Debbie Bovee supports the creation of a women’s camp, and feels that costs of such a program would be offset over time, but remains unsure of where the initial funds to create the program would come from.

Represenatvie (R) Tom Walters says that boot camp programs in the state are underutilized and drain Wyoming’s finances, and that he would like to eliminate boot camp programs altogether.

Earlier this year, 23 year-old Taylor Blanchard, filed a lawsuit against the Wyoming Department of Corrections claiming that her constitutional rights were violated when she was initially sent to prison to serve an up-to 10 year sentence, instead of being placed into a boot camp program.

A judge recommended boot camp for Blanchard, but with a lack of a program in Wyoming, she was sent to the Wyoming Women’s Center in Lusk, then later transferred to a Florida boot camp.