Obituary For Dr. Curtis Meyer

Obituaries January 13, 2017



Obituary For Dr. Curtis Meyer

Dr. Curtis Meyer son, husband, father, brother, and loving grandfather. His personality was one of openness, always making others feel welcome. “Doc” as he was lovingly referred, will be well remembered by his healthcare patients for his healing hands, and by his colleagues for his skills in the Chiropractic field. Curt was a mentor for countless people, both personally and professionally. He was frequently sought after for his counseling and guidance.

Thirteen years ago Curt met the love of his life, “Sweet Pea”. They enjoyed boundless adventures together loved to travel. Curt particularly loved Key West and always talked fondly of his time spent there.

Curt had a storied and successful career. His passion for helping others spilled out of his normal work hours. He volunteered his time for over 30+ years helping out during high school games, rodeo events, and helping friends.

Curt was an avid outdoorsman with a love for nature. He loved four wheeling, exploring caverns, fishing and feeding the local deer. He loved his 70’s music, and you could often find him singing and attempting to dance along to his favorite songs. Curt loved watching western movies with his father-in-law Frank, and would sit during the evenings with Gizmo on his lap, snoring, with the TV too loud.

Curt is survived by his mother, Dee; his wife, Malia; sister, PJ; sons and daughters, Justin; Jake; Tiffany; John; Josh; Jennifer. Grandchildren, Joseph; Ariana; Alaina; Chloe; Johannah; Jason; Gabe; Jordannah; Carson; Todd; Bradley; Rachel; Jaxson; Josiah and countless other in-laws, cousins, and friends.

We’ve decided to have an open house memorial for Curtis Meyer Saturday, January 14, 2017, from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm at our home: 12376 Windmill Lane, Custer, SD.

A formal service is being scheduled in Norfolk, NE, at Christ is King Church. We will announce the time soon. Thank you everyone for your love, prayers, and support.

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