Simplify Your Life Week: Day 2

Lifestyle August 7, 2018



Simplify Your Life Week: Day 2

It’s day 2 of ‘Simplify Your Life Week’ and we have two great tips and tricks for you to utilize on your journey to simplifying your life.

Each day this week, we will offer up tips, tricks and methods, that are both easy and fun, that can help you reach the goal of simplifying your life.

Today’s tips to simplify your life are ‘Simplify Your Finances’ and ‘Learn to Disconnect’

Simplify Your Finances:

Money can create stress in anyones life. Not having enough money to pay for bills or food, can make even the coolest and calmest people, stressed out. Also not knowing where your money is going, can be just as equally stressful. So lets simplify your finances, and help reduce any stress that may be attached to your finances.

First thing you want to do (if you are able to) is start automatically depositing your check into your bank account. Most employers and banks allow you automatically deposit any checks, and many banks have mobile apps that can help you manage your deposits. Automatic deposits will help you make time in your day, instead of waiting in line at the bank.

After you have your bank account simplified, you want to look at doing the same thing with your bills. Automatic bill pay can really help you reduce the stress of your finances. You don’t have to worry about late fees or when you need to pay a bill, your bank will do the work for you. When you set up automatic bill, take a moment to review all your bills and what you pay for every month.

The third thing you want to do is review your bills. Find out how much you are paying for every thing, and what you don’t need to pay for. Do you have any subscriptions or monthly payments that you really don’t use? When was the last time you listened to that $3.99 music app you subscribed too? How many books do you buy from your online monthly book club? If you don’t use it why are you spending money on it. If you only take one suggestion this week, please review what you are spending. You will save money, and this simple task will truly simplify your life.

Learn To Disconnect:

Now that your finances are in better order and you’ve addressed any excess spending, take some time for yourself, but wait, don’t hop on your social media account just yet. It’s time to disconnect. We spend so much time on social networking sites, or going through are emails we don’t take any time for ourselves.

Staying connected is important in life, but just like everything else, to much is never a good option. Most people spend an average of 116 minutes a day on social networking, which adds up to more than 5 years in a life time.

To put this in perspective, you spend a total of 42 minutes in the restroom a week, which turns out to approximately 92 days in a life time. Yes, people spend more time on social media then washing their hands, doing their hair, or other restroom necessities.

Take time for yourself and not for everyone else. Turn off the phone and turn on your reality for at least an hour a day, even your battery life on your phone will thank you.

We hope these simple suggestions can help you to simplify your life, and make your days easier and less stressful. Keep an eye out for more content coming this week, with tips and tricks to help you ‘Simplify Your Life’.