Simplify Your Life Week: Day 3

Lifestyle August 8, 2018



Simplify Your Life Week: Day 3

Day 3 of ‘Simplify Your Life Week’ is here and we have some great tips, tricks, and ideas that will help you make your life more simplified. Our two topics that we will discuss today are ‘Learn to Say No’ and ‘Simplify Your Relationships’.

Learning to Say No:

No! See it is simple right? Unfortunately for many people saying no is not always easy. Sure if you don’t like pickles you can say “no pickles please”. But if you don’t want to go to a 4 hour lecture on paint drying, why is it that we find ourselves sitting through yet another boring lecture. It is because we can’t say no to things we don’t want to do, it is like we are worried about hurting someones feelings, or it has been ingrained in our brains to just say yes.

Try it out the next time you can, say no to something you don’t want to do. Say no to things, if they don’t uplift or motivate you. It is ok to say no, in fact it’s a lot better to be honest than to be miserable.

Another helpful tip, try saying yes to things you may previously said no to. Who knows you may learn from it, or find out you changed your mind and really like pickles now.


Simplify Your Relationships:

We all have relationships, with our significant other, with co-workers, with our friends and family, and while all of these relationships are vitally important, we can still take steps to simplify them. Learn to communicate with your loved ones, friends, and co-workers. If something is bothering you, let that person know, and help find ways to fix it.

Does your wife clip her toenails in bed? Does your husband leave the toilet seat up, or worse does he leave it down making a mess every time? Talk to them. Let your significant other know what is bothering you, and how BOTH of you can fix it. This will strengthen your bonds to each other, and simplify your lives.

I was once told that friends are like a tree. You plant a seed, water it, nourish it, and watch it grow into something beautiful. As the tree grows, it branches out in different directions. While the center of the tree often remains strong, sometimes the branches can get weak or experience changes. Along with the seasons the tree will form new leaves in the spring, and withered leaves and weak branches will break away in the fall.  Trees can last a lifetime, or even longer, just like friendship. Some maintenance and care maybe needed along the way, and despite our best efforts changes can and will happen. Take your friendships and evaluate them. Friendship, like the tree, can thrive with patience, grow strong with proper nutrients, and grow even healthier with some light and careful pruning.

Sometimes we find that our friendship’s are not growing, no matter how we water them or care for them. I am talking about toxic relationships, and they can be hard to see. When our friendship tree is a toxic one, we need to fix it. Much like the careful pruning of a trees overgrown or dead branches. Spend time seeking out the problems and if they can be solved.  Talk with your friends and let them know about any issues. If all else fails take down that tree, and plant a new one. You don’t have to let everyone and their dog know about the failed relationship, it’s just best to let it go quietly, and move on to cultivating a new one. Just like a plant if you don’t water your relationship, it won’t grow.

We hope these simple suggestions can help you to simplify your life, and make your days easier and less stressful. Keep an eye out for more content coming this week, with tips and tricks to help you ‘Simplify Your Life’.