Simplify Your Life Week: Day 5

Lifestyle August 10, 2018



Simplify Your Life Week: Day 5

Throughout the week we have been working towards simplifying our lives. We have learned different hints, tips, and tricks to simplify your life. We learned about goal setting, multi-tasking, learning to say no, how to simplify your relationships, simplify your finances, learn to disconnect, make time and to declutter. To finish off the week we have two more ideas to help you ‘Simplify Your Life.’

For the 5th day we will go over spending less money on entertainment, and learning confidence.

Spending Less Money On Entertainment:

Right now you must think we really don’t like fun. It’s just not true, we love to have fun, but we don’t want to spend to much money on that fun. We as humans tend to congregate in large groups. We seem to be extremely social, and enjoy spending money. Which is not simple. It drains the wallet, and can leave you drained emotionally.

If you are like many people, you can spend up to $500 or more entertaining yourself every month. That is a huge chunk of change, and it can lead to more financial problems. If you remember back to our day 2 segment, when we talk about simplifying your finances. Spending to much money entertaining yourself will only cause more stress.

So if you can’t spend money, what should you do for fun? There is many fun activities that are free or cost significantly less. We want to disconnect every once and a while, in order to simplify our lives, try leaving the city and join nature for a while. Go on hikes, take up fishing, join a biking club or have a camp out with some friends. All of these activities are fun and take a lot less money to enjoy. You can also join a secret shoppers group. While you will have to pay for items up front and get reimbursed for them later, you can enjoy many diners and eateries all for a lot less.

Go find some fun this weekend, that is within a reasonable budget, and see for yourself how saving money can be fun and help you simplify your life.

Learn Confidence:

Confidence is a feeling many people fear. While getting up in front of people and talking can be nerve racking, it can also be the push you need to simplify your life. Confidence builds trust in yourself, and will help you build yourself up to accomplish any goal you set out to achieve.

If you ever watch someone conquer a fear, they take a deep breath, exhale, and go for it. Take a leap of faith with yourself and say “yes I can!” Be the empowerment you want in your life and build up confidence in yourself today. You will find that getting up in front of people is not so bad. Talking to new people and building relationships become much easier, and you will find more passion and courage in your life.

It has been a pleasure bringing you these hints, tips, and tricks for ‘Simplify Your Life Week.’ We hope you can take some of these ideas, and make your life a little more simple.

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