Student Suspension, Expulsion Review Clears Wyoming Senate

Wyoming News February 1, 2019



Student Suspension, Expulsion Review Clears Wyoming Senate

CHEYENNE, WY. (AP) — The Wyoming Senate has unanimously passed a bill that would require schools to give students a prompt hearing before they are suspended or expelled.

The measure now heads to the Wyoming House for consideration.

Under the bill, schools would need to make a good-faith effort to try to contact the student’s parents or guardian before suspending or expelling a student.

The student would then get a chance to present his or her version of events in a meeting with school officials. The meeting would need to happen as soon as practicable after the misconduct.

Expulsion or suspension longer than 10 days would require a formal hearing.

The bill sponsored by Sen. Eli Bebout, of Riverton, follows a months-long expulsion process for three Riverton High School students in 2018.

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