Tradio Recap 8/28/19

Tradio August 28, 2019



Tradio Recap 8/28/19

For Sale: Model ten Savage 308 new rifle in box with wooden stock and scope $500 Call: 680-9834.

Basket of apples Call: 746-4648.

For Sale: Older Horton Summit 150 lb crossbow with quiver and scope, Marlin model 60- 22 with iron sights and scope Call: 941-2249.

For Sale: 1998 Highland mobile home 16 x 76 3 bed 2 bath Call: 307-629-1517.

For Sale: Sauna cedar fits 4, infrared, electric, 6 foot tall 5 ft wide and 4 ft deep $500 Call: 941-1699.

For Sale: Assorted ceramics molds and a 1980 Eagle car Call: 746-8024.

For Sale: 2 bike rack for trunk $10, glass case for display, clothing racks, horse trailer, utility trailer, and 4 rentals call: 307-321-8359.

For Sale: Fresh picked Nebraska sweet corn at Renegade Paint and Pipes.

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