Travel Temporarily Prohibited on Seasonally Closed Roads and on all Motorized Trails

South Dakota News May 14, 2019



Travel Temporarily Prohibited on Seasonally Closed Roads and on all Motorized Trails

CUSTER, SD.  – Due to the extreme wet conditions on the Forest, a closure order has been signed prohibiting any type of motorized use on motorized trails. Additionally, seasonally closed gates, which were set to open on May 15, will remain closed until conditions allow them to open.

The restricted area covers the entire Black Hills National Forest Motorized Trail System in both Wyoming and South Dakota. There are many roads that are not closed and Forest officials are asking the public to avoid

While some roads are open, we are asking users to avoid driving in areas where there are wet and muddy conditions to help protect road surfaces and reduce erosion, said Scott Jacobson, Public Affairs Officer for the Black Hills National Forest.

The purpose is to protect human health and safety and natural resources due to the wet conditions on the motorized trail system.  The conditions make it dangerous for vehicle travel on the trails due to the slippery mud and standing water. Vehicular travel in these wet conditions present greater acceleration of erosion of the road and trail resource.

Please be aware that damaging forest roads and lands is against the law.  The legal and financial consequences can be steep, and damages done to the land can take years to repair.

The public is encouraged to report rutting of roads, meadows, trails or other areas across the Forest to your local Ranger District office.

For more information on the Black Hills National Forest call (605) 673-9200 or visit

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