Tuesday Wyoming Legislative session Round-up

Wyoming News February 20, 2018


Tuesday Wyoming Legislative session Round-up

Cheyenne, WY. — The Wyoming House has struck down a bill that would have allowed for drivers who cause a deadly crash while texting and driving, to serve up to 20 years in prison. Hans Hunt, of Newcastle was listed as sponsor of the bill, along with other representatives. On Friday, Hunt described an incident in Northeast Wyoming, where a texting driver injured two men who were helping another motorist. Currently, texting while driving in Wyoming is a misdemeanor, with a $75 fine.

Cheyenne, WY. — On Friday, Wyoming lawmakers voted down a bill, 56 to 3, that would have set up a preference-point system for sage grouse hunting licenses. This move would typically make it more difficult for hunters to get a license. Environmentalist groups have called for the greater sage grouse to be listed as a federally protected species but the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has declined to do so.

Cheyenne, WY. — A bill that would seek to impose work requirements on Medicaid recipients in the state is before the Wyoming Legislature. The proposal would require recipients to perform any combination of: 20 hours of work or schooling per week, 20 hours of employment training per week, or 20 hours of volunteer work per week. There would be room for exemptions, including for those 18 or younger or 65 and older; and for those certified as medically unfit or pregnant.

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