UW marketing campaign spreads positivity around Wyoming

Wyoming News April 28, 2020



UW marketing campaign spreads positivity around Wyoming

LARAMIE, Wyo.   –    The University of Wyoming is spreading optimism and positivity around the Cowboy State, one yard sign at a time.

Beginning in early April, Wyoming’s flagship, land-grant institution has undertaken efforts to emphasize its brand ideals of kindness, courage and optimism with a grassroots campaign. In Laramie and other communities around the state, volunteers have placed signs in yards and in front of businesses with a message intended to buoy spirits of university students, faculty and staff, and state residents in a challenging and unprecedented time.

One side of the brown and gold sign says “Better Days Are Ahead, Pokes!,” while the opposite side states “Kindness, Courage and Optimism are contagious, too.” Primarily located in Laramie in the beginning of the campaign, demand has prompted the university to ship the signs to other Wyoming communities and neighboring states. The university has distributed more than 2,000 signs, with another order on the way.

“Many of the state’s residents have been observing the ‘stay-at-home’ measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19, which is in the best interests of public health,” UW Director of Enrollment Marketing Jenny Petty says. “But it can be challenging to be stuck in the house for a majority of the day. It can be difficult to find silver linings in a situation such as this.

“By our very nature, Wyoming Cowboys are optimists. We know that every hard winter leads to a glorious summer, so these signs serve as a reminder to all of us that better days are ahead.”

Another prong of UW’s efforts to stay connected to the state it serves includes the production of the “Better Days Are Ahead” video. The video was produced within a matter of days by the Institutional Marketing department and, to date, it has garnered more than 58,000 views. Its central message urges Cowboys to display brand attributes such as unyielding courage and unbendable optimism in times of uncertainty and fear. It can be viewed here: https://youtu.be/l4LAy3wU7mg.

To request a bundle of signs for your community, email jpetty7@uwyo.edu. Signs will be available for Laramie residents to pick up on East Ivinson Avenue just east of Ninth Street.

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