Yellowstone seeks to replace windows of historic hotel

Wyoming News February 5, 2018


Yellowstone seeks to replace windows of historic hotel

Yellowstone Nat’l Park   –   Yellowstone National Park is looking to replace 172 windows in the historic Mammoth Hot Springs Hotel. The plan to replace 172 double-hung wood windows with new wood windows is part of a larger seismic stabilization and interior/exterior rehabilitation project, The hope is, that in replacing the windows, room ventilation and energy efficiency would be improved in addition to seismic stabilization, in the event of earthquake activity.

Becasue the hotel is part of the Mammoth Hot Springs Historic District, agencies must take into account effects restoration and construction projects may have on historic properties.

The Wyoming State Historic Preservation Office has notified that park, that the portion of the project that proposes the replacement of the windows, would diminish the integrity of the hotel’s historic materials and have an adverse effect on the historic property.

The park is seeking public comment looking for solutions to resolve the window issues in the proposed project.

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