3 Ways to Stand More and Sit Less

Lifestyle January 11, 2019



3 Ways to Stand More and Sit Less

(SPM WIRE) – Most people know by now that too much sitting is bad for your health. Indeed, regularly spending long hours off one’s feet is associated with a higher risk of dementia, certain cancers, diabetes, deep vein thrombosis, weight gain and more.

To stand more and sit less, consider the following tips.

• Change it up: Ideally, your work environment is one that gives you opportunities to be active. If your work is largely sedentary, consider requesting a sit-to-stand convertible desk or workstation. As more HR departments recognize their potential to improve employee health, this may be an easy sell.

• Try new things: Take stock of your favorite hobbies. Are they largely conducted while seated? If so, add new activities to the mix that will get you up and walking around. From bird watching to ballroom dancing, there are plenty of hobbies to try that will have you off the couch and on your feet.

• Set a timer: Set a timer that reminds you throughout the day to stand up. There are many free apps available that will do this for you, even offering simple exercises or stretches you can do to make the most of your break.

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