Bear and Cubs Force Temporary Closure of Section of Grand Teton Park Road

Wyoming News August 13, 2018



Bear and Cubs Force Temporary Closure of Section of Grand Teton Park Road

Moose, WY.  –   The northern section of the Moose-Wilson Road, between the Murie Ranch Junction and the Death Canyon Junction, is was temporary closed to all visitors including motorists, cyclists, and hikers over the weekend.

At approximately 8 p.m. Thursday night, August 9, a grizzly bear sow and cubs were eating berries along the Moose-Wilson Road. The road is closed for human safety and the protection of the bears. Because of its narrow surface lined with dense vegetation, hillsides, and wetlands, the Moose-Wilson Road does not allow for a safe distance between people and bears. These factors create situations where both visitors and bears may be at risk for injury, making it necessary to close the road whenever bears are foraging along the roadway.

Park Rangers would like to remind visitors to “Be Bear Aware,” as these animals are active throughout park and are beginning to feed on ripening berries.  All visitors are required to maintain a distance of at least 100 yards from bears and always carry bear spray, as well as make noise and travel in groups.

Park regulations require that all food, garbage, toiletries, pet food, coolers, food containers and cookware be stored in a hard-sided vehicle with the windows rolled up or in a bear-resistant food locker when not in immediate use or attended to.

For more information about safety in bear country, visit the park’s website at

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