Bill to Abandon Daylight Saving Time Clears First Hurdle in Wyoming

Wyoming News January 29, 2019



Bill to Abandon Daylight Saving Time Clears First Hurdle in Wyoming

CHEYENNE, WY.  –  Wyoming’s state legislature is considering moving away from Daylight Saving Time. Measure HB 14 already passed the Wyoming House on Monday, following a third reading, with a vote of 35 to 23. The bill is now scheduled for a hearing in the Wyoming Senate.

Under the bill, Wyoming would no longer observe time changes.

If it passes the Senate, and all subsequent hurdles outlined in the legislation, the measure would go into effect immediately, making the last time change observed by Wyoming, March 10th of whichever year all conditions are met. At that time we would turn our clocks one hour ahead for the last time.

Wyoming would then be designated as part of Central Time Zone by the United States Secretary of Transportation, being coordinated through Universal Time, with an offset of six hours year-round.

All U.S. states observe Daylight Saving time changes except Arizona and Hawaii. In 1966, a federal law was passed which authorized states to become exempt from the change to Daylight Saving Time as long as it’s done uniformly as an entire state.

Previous attempts at similar bills have failed to pass, with the most recent being rejected last year.

  1. Doreen Meier

    I hope this passes. Not sure how I feel about moving into the Central time zone however

  • Deb Lynam

    Please pass this bill

  • Ernie

    Bad idea for kids going to school.

  • sarah

    This is not a bill to eliminate Daylight Saving it is to make it permanent. I think we should just stay in Mountain Standard time and not change the clocks forward or backwards....

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