Casper bridge dedicated to WWII veteran Tuesday

Wyoming News September 16, 2020



Casper bridge dedicated to WWII veteran Tuesday

CASPER, Wyo. – The I-25 bridge over Center Street in Casper was renamed on Tuesday, to the Leonard L. Robinson Memorial Bridge. Dedicated to Leonard Robinson, a Word War II veteran, prisoner of war and survivor of the Bataan Death March.

“It was just breathtaking that people will remember, not only him, but that whole generation that fought unconditionally,” Leonard Robinson’s daughter, Pamela Robinson, said.

Robinson’s obituary states that he was born on July 30, 1919 and served in the Philippines prior to being taken as a prisoner of war by the Japanese for three-and-a-half years. He was known throughout the nation as a survivor of the Bataan Death March.

Robinson eventually moved to Casper, after returning home to the U.S. He lived there until he passed at age 95.

Robinson’s obituary also details other aspects of of his life including time as a semi-professional golfer before the war, earning a degree in engineering, and doctorate of theology. Robinson was also a teacher and a pastor, helping his community and fellow veterans.

Wyoming House Speaker Steve Harshman, who sponsored the legislation leading to the bridge dedication, knew Leonard Robinson from his time as a teacher at Natrona County High School.

“When you drive under that bridge and people see that and 10, 20, 30, 50 years from now people will say, ‘who’s Leonard Robinson,’ and then you Google that and you say ‘wow.’”

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