Clean coal plant targeting summer to begin operation

Local News December 18, 2017



Clean coal plant targeting summer to begin operation

Wright, WY.  –  Clean Coal Technologies is hoping to have it’s test plant, that specializes in producing cleaner-burning coal, ready to begin operation by next summer.

The companies clean coal test facility is being moved from it’s current location near Tulsa Oklahoma, to northeast Wyoming, where it will be rebuilt southeast of Wright.

The test plant has been making progress on a process to produce cleaner-burning coal by reducing the amount of moisture in the coal, which leaves the mineral stable and safer to handle. The process is also said to produce more energy from coal, while reducing emissions, according to the company.

Clean Coal Technologies, CEO, Robin Eves stated in a recent interview with the Gillette News Record, that a commercial facility will also be built on the Campbell County site. Eves says that the commercial facility should be capable of processing 30 tons of coal an hour.

While the company hopes to have the test plant re-built and operation by summer 2018, the timeline target for the commercial plant is late 2019

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