Drivers with wildlife conservation plates enjoy new benefits

Wyoming News September 29, 2020



Drivers with wildlife conservation plates enjoy new benefits

CHEYENNE, WYO. – Buying a Wyoming Wildlife Conservation license plate has always been a great investment for preventing wildlife-vehicle collisions. But now, license plate holders get big discounts from Wyoming businesses for their commitment to roadway safety for people and wildlife.

Four Wyoming businesses will offer discounts beginning Oct.1 to Wyoming Wildlife Conservation license plate holders — Eastmans’ Publishing Company, Maven, Weatherby and Jax. The businesses are the first to step up to help meet Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon’s 2020 challenge to put 2,020 conservation license plates on the road by 2020.

“Eastmans’ Publishing Company, Maven Optics, Weatherby and Jax all share in the value that it’s important for Wyoming to improve our roadways for wildlife and do everything possible to reduce wildlife-vehicle collisions,” said Glenn Pauley, Wyoming Game and Fish Department outreach specialist. “Thank you to these businesses for adding to the benefits of a Wyoming Wildlife Conservation license plate and going the extra mile for conservation.”

The specialty license plate features Wyoming’s iconic mule deer. The total initial price of the plate is $180, and a $50 renewal fee annually. The plate is available anytime – not just with renewals. Information on how to purchase the Wildlife Conservation License Plate is on the WYDOT website. Proceeds from the sales go to the Wyoming Department of Transportation Wildlife Conservation Fund to support roadway improvement projects like overpasses, underpasses, fencing and signage.

Every year more than 6,000 big game animals in Wyoming are killed by vehicle collisions.

“Deaths due to vehicle collisions and blocking wildlife movements are major impacts to our wildlife. With the purchase of a Wildlife Conservation plate, we can help make our roads safer for both wildlife and people,” said Brendon Weaver, Maven Outdoor Equipment Company co-owner and design/marketing.

To receive a discount, each business requires license plate verification. Current discounts include:

Eastmans’ Publishing Company: Free annual subscription to Eastmans’ Hunting Journal, Bowhunting Journal, and TagHub hunting research database.

Maven Outdoor Equipment Company: 15% off on any Maven products, including all optics and logo wear. Non-Maven branded accessories do not apply.

Weatherby: 10% off on all custom and factor rifles and shotguns purchased from Weatherby’s Sheridan showroom store for sales up $5,000.

Jax: 5% discount on purchases. Excludes gift cards, licenses, services and past purchases.

“Weatherby is a proud partner of the 2020 Wildlife Conservation License Plate Challenge. The preservation of wild places, and the animals that inhabit them is a key initiative at Weatherby. We all play a part in making sure the land we manage is as prosperous for the future generations as it is now,” said Kevin Wilkerson, Weatherby’s director of marketing and customer service.

More Wyoming businesses are invited to participate in the challenge, from any industry who wishes to support conservation efforts.

“Keeping Wyoming roadways safe and allowing animals to continue with their natural migrations are fundamental to the future of Wyoming’s big game herds. I hope all Wyoming businesses participate in this initiative,” said Ike Eastman, president of Eastmans’ Publishing Company.

The Governor’s License Plate Challenge is supported in collaboration between Game and Fish, Wyoming Department of Transportation, Muley Fanatics, Wyoming Wildlife Federation and the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.

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