Evanston Police release updates in 18 year-old cold case

Wyoming News January 30, 2020


Evanston Police release updates in 18 year-old cold case

EVANSTON. Wyo.   –  In July of 2001, a 28-year-old woman, later identified as Sue Ellen Higgins, was killed in her residence. While the Evanston Police Department investigated this case thoroughly, the lack of evidence prohibited resolution and the case became an inactive “cold case.”

The Evanston Police Department often revisited the case and reached out to numerous other agencies throughout the years to see if this case could ultimately be solved and Mrs. Higgins murderer brought to justice. The other agencies were ultimately unable to provide any new information or ideas, however, it remained inactive.

In early January 2020, the Evanston Police Department was contacted by Utah authorities concerning the death of Mrs. Higgins. Evanston Police Department Detectives worked with the Utah authorities gathering information about this homicide. Mark Douglas Burns, age 69, is in custody in Utah on multiple sexual assault charges and has provided material information about this cold case during multiple interviews with Utah authorities and Evanston Detectives at this time.

Based upon information gathered since 2001 related to this investigation, in correlation with Burns’ statements, the Evanston Police Department anticipates submission of its investigation to the Uinta County Attorney’s Office for consideration of charges related to Mrs. Higgins 2001 homicide.

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