Feb. 8th was the 125th Anniversary of Wyoming’s Great Seal

Wyoming News February 9, 2018



Feb. 8th was the 125th Anniversary of Wyoming’s Great Seal

Cheyenne, WY .   –    Wyoming Secretary of State’s Office commemorated the 125th Anniversary of the Great Seal of the State of Wyoming on Thursday, February 8th, 2018 – 125 years after the Great Seal was adopted in a bill passed by the Second Wyoming Legislature and signed by Governor Osborne on February 8th, 1893.
“I’m honored to commemorate the 125th Anniversary of the Great Seal of the State of Wyoming. Our
State’s founding strengths and principles – including women’s suffrage – are visible and prominent on the
Great Seal. The words and symbols on the Seal hold great power and meaning for Wyoming, today,
tomorrow and yesterday. I’m looking forward to continuing to promote our State’s Great Seal on its 125th
Anniversary,” said Secretary Murray.

The Secretary of State is the custodian of the Great Seal under the Wyoming Constitution. The Great Seal
is used to represent the sovereign authority of the State of Wyoming. The Seal’s design includes a woman in the center holding a banner proclaiming ‘Equal Rights,’ symbolizing Wyoming as the first government to grant to women the right to vote and to hold office. On top of the pillars rest lamps from which burn the Light of Knowledge and scrolls encircling the two pillars bear the words ‘Oil,’ ‘Mines,’ ‘Livestock’ and ‘Grain.’

Wyoming State Archives and the American Heritage Center at the University of Wyoming have worked
closely with the Secretary of State’s Office to provide historical documents and resources on the Great Seal.
These documents will be digitized and made accessible for viewing by the public on the Secretary of State’s website.

As part of the Anniversary, Wyoming students will have the opportunity to learn more about this important
part of Wyoming history and compete in the Great Seal Art Competition, which began earlier this week.
Competition details have been sent out to grade school teachers across Wyoming. All Wyoming students
are welcome to participate. Winners will be announced in conjunction with Wyoming History Day on April
9th. Rules, instructions, and lessons for the Great Seal Art Competition, as well as a growing archive of
historical documents on the Great Seal, may be found on the Secretary of State’s website at:

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