Firefighters Concentrate on Protecting Homes South of Jackson

News September 20, 2018



Firefighters Concentrate on Protecting Homes South of Jackson

JACKSON, WY. (AP)      –     A wildfire in western Wyoming continues to grow as firefighters concentrate on protecting threatened homes in the area.

The fire burning in the Bridger-Teton National Forest about 30 miles (48.3 kilometers) south of Jackson has burned nearly 46 square miles (119 square kilometers). It has forced the evacuation of about 230 homes but there have been no reports of any homes being burned.

The dry, windy weather conditions on Thursday were expected to be conducive to more fire growth although temperatures were cooler.

Some 260 firefighters aided by air tankers and helicopters are battling the fire, which began last weekend. They are working to construct lines separating the fire from several rural subdivisions.

A second, smaller fire is burning in a more remote area of the Bridger-Teton forest.

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