Governor Mead selects new Secretary of State

Wyoming News March 2, 2018



Governor Mead selects new Secretary of State

Cheyenne, WY.  –   Governor Matt Mead has chosen Edward Buchanan to fill the Secretary of State vacancy. Buchanan was one of three candidates the Wyoming Republican Party Central Committee sent to Governor Mead to replace Ed Murray who resigned from office on February 9th.

Wyoming has a statutory process which governs vacancies in elected offices. In the case of the Secretary of State, application is made to the central committee of the political party which the last incumbent represented at the time of election – in this case the Republican Party. The Republican Central Committee selects three names. The Governor, then, interviews the three candidates and chooses among them.

Governor Mead interviewed the three candidates on Tuesday. “I have received input from people across the state. I have weighed that input in my evaluations and I selected Ed Buchanan,” said Governor Mead. “I was particularly impressed that Ed ran for this Office in the last election. He understands state government having served in the Legislature where he rose through the ranks to serve as Speaker of the House. He is a respected attorney and prosecutor. In the course of his career, he has had many interactions with the office of Secretary of State. I have admiration for his military career. Ed is committed to Wyoming and to the responsibilities of the Office,” Mead said.

The Central Committee also sent Governor Mead the names of Darin Smith an attorney from Cheyenne and Richard George a farmer from Park County.

“I appreciate Darin and Richard. They were each committed to serve and committed to Wyoming,” said Governor Mead.

“It is an honor and privilege to be selected for this office by the Central Committee and Governor Mead. I pledge my best efforts to the State of Wyoming and her citizens. I am blessed and honored to serve,” said Buchanan.

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