Halloween Audio: The Shadows on the Wall

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Halloween Audio: The Shadows on the Wall

Disclaimer: We are posting special Halloween content in the spirit of the holiday. We understand that this year is different and difficult in many different ways for a wide variety of people. Ideas and imagery in these posts can contain subject matter of a dark, desperate or gruesome nature and may sometimes mention death. These stories are also likely not suitable for small children. Please be forewarned.


‘The Shadows on the Wall’ by Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman, Runtime: 26:12 (Audio from Librivox.org, read by Betsie Bush. Public Domain)

Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman (1852-1930) was a prominent 19th century American author. She is primarily known as a “feminist” writer, for stories like “A New England Nun” and “The Revolt of Mother”. She also wrote, with astonishing results, well-crafted and relatively grounded supernatural tales, in her collection, ‘The Wind in the Rose-Bush, and Other Stories of the Supernatural’.

Much of Freeman’s broad range of works often exemplify realism. In this particular story the author constructs an uneasy atmosphere set against the commonplace, ordinary, backdrop of everyday life during the time-period.

‘The Shadows on the Wall’ has been considered by one prominent librarian to be the best ghost story ever written, according to Dorothy Scarborough Ph.D.  The story and the collection are in the Public Domain.

All of us at AM 1240 KASL hope that you enjoy this audio program and we hope you have a fun, safe and exciting Halloween!

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