Illinois man who fell to death in Yellowstone last year was treasure hunting

Wyoming News February 21, 2018



Illinois man who fell to death in Yellowstone last year was treasure hunting

Billings, MT.   –  On June 9th of last year, when investigators found the body of 53-year-old Illinois man, Jeff Murphy, it appeared that he had fallen some 500 feet to his death, while hiking in Yellowstone National Park.

But reports have now surfaced, that Murphy wasn’t just hiking when he fell, but was in search of supposed hidden treasure.

The report began when KULR-TV in Billings obtained information, through a Freedom of Information Act request, on Murphy’s death, that was initially kept private.

The report revealed that Murphy had email correspondence with 80-something, Santa Fe millionaire, Forrest Fenn days before his death. According to the report, Murphy’s wife also told park authorities that Jeff was looking for the treasure when she reported him missing. The report also uncovered emails citing concern between Fenn and Yellowstone officials when Murphy was first reported missing.

Fenn wrote a poem in a self-published memoir, titled “The Thrill of The Chase” which includes cryptic clues about a treasure that he had hidden in the Rocky Mountains, between Santa Fe and the Canadian border.

Several other people have died while searching for the treasure, which has been said to be worth nearly $2 million.

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