Large Solar Project in Southwest Wyoming Moves Forward

Wyoming News May 21, 2018


Large Solar Project in Southwest Wyoming Moves Forward

Rock Springs, WY.   –     A large solar project in Southwest Wyoming will now be allowed to move forward following a vote on Tuesday by the Sweetwater County Commission. The Commissioners voted to grant a conditional use permit to Sweetwater Solar LLC, a subsidiary of South Korean company Hanwha Group.

The proposed 80-megawatt solar energy farm will directly convert solar energy into electricity, and once completed, will be the largest commercial solar energy project in the state. Other solar projects are operating in Wyoming, feeding electricity onto the grid, but none at this scale.

It is estimated that the farm will produce enough electricity to power nearly 12,000 homes. It is also expected that this project will create 150 jobs during the six-month construction period.

The project will also include solar panels, roads, power lines and other facilities that will be built on public land.

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