Local science teacher organizing COVID-19 mask production and distribution

Local News April 6, 2020



Local science teacher organizing COVID-19 mask production and distribution

NEWCASTLE    –   If you can, please consider donating to this local fundriser, setup by NHS science teacher, Jim Stith. Jim and others are organizing the production and distribution of COVID-19 masks for our local medical professionals and first responders (and others in need).

The description on the Gofundme page reads:

“I am a high school science teacher who enjoys tinkering and showing real-world applications of technology to my students. I was approached by a local agency to provide “Montana Masks” to our local first responders. I made several prototypes to design a gasket that was durable, easy to clean, and comfortable.

At that point, early last week, information on these masks was hard to find. I saw a lot of different groups were producing these masks but did not have any way to effectively seal it against the user’s face. I wanted to spread the word, so I took it upon myself to create an Instructable guide on how to produce these masks.

After my wife, Lexie, and I started producing the masks for the first responders, I have gotten many requests to provide these for individuals and families in my community. I am coordinating with another teacher and her printer to keep up with the needed print jobs. I have also joined a group in Wyoming that is taking requests for these masks to be sent to medical centers in the state.

I am requesting funds for 3D printer filament, gasket material, filter material, elastic straps, and shipping costs to send the masks to those in need.

The need for these supplies is urgent. I am out some of these materials and I cannot make these masks without all the requisite materials.
With your support, I can continue to produce these masks to be distributed freely to those in need.”

KASL is inspired by the ‘problem solving’ spirit shown by the organizers, and we are proud of the locals involved in this project!

We extend as huge thank you to Jim Stith, and others involved in the project, and would like to thank anyone and everyone who is able to donate and help in any way they can!

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