Mullen Fire now over 127,000 acres, crosses state line in Colorado

Wyoming News October 2, 2020



Mullen Fire now over 127,000 acres, crosses state line in Colorado

WYOMING | COLORADO – As of 8 a.m. on October 2nd the size of the Mullen Fire is 127,503 acres, based on an aerial infrared measurement made just after midnight. The fire is burning in the Medicine Bow National Forest southwest of Centennial, Wyoming, and has moved across the state line into Jackson County, Colorado. 1,057 personnel are currently assigned to the blaze with the goal of slowing the fire’s spread while also protecting values at risk all over the fire area. Fire managers are expecting another day of active fire behavior for Friday.

Yesterday, firefighters conducted a successful burnout operation along the north sides of Colorado Hwy. 127 and Colorado Hwy. 125 to block the fire’s advance by removing fuels from the sides of those roads. When conditions are favorable, firefighters will continue those burnout operations to remove additional fuels between the roads and the main body of the fire. Those burnouts may include aerial firing operations. In other areas of the fire, burnout operations are also planned along roads, fire lines and natural features to limit the fire’s spread.

Last night, the main body of the fire was active north of Colorado Hwy. 125 and Colorado Hwy. 127. Out of an abundance of caution, the Sheriff of Jackson County, Colorado called for an additional mandatory evacuation in the area of Hwy. 127. Crews were moved from other parts of the fire to assist with suppression efforts in response to the rapidly changing conditions.

During the evening, firefighters initiated burnout operations along WY230 between the Badger Creek Fire scar and the Colorado border. This is a key location where the fire could further advance southeast through Wyoming and into Larimer County, Colorado. Under favorable conditions, burning will continue today south to the junction of CO125.

Further to the north, crews burned west of Albany to hold the fire’s edge at the 542 road. They will continue burning toward the Keystone Fire burn scar to remove fuel and establish a stronger perimeter.

Ongoing structure protection includes laying hoses, setting up sprinklers and portable pumps, and removing brush near structures to secure at-risk communities. Yesterday’s extreme fire activity prompted additional evacuations and road closures in both Wyoming and Colorado. This fire has a history of moving at extreme rates of speed.

The blaze was first reported in the Savage Run Wilderness in Wyoming on Thursday, September 22nd.

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