Our not-so-typical 2020 holiday message

December 24, 2020



Our not-so-typical 2020 holiday message

Just about every year, for quite a few years now, we look forward to Christmas and the New Year for the opportunity to write-up a special message to our listeners, readers, visitors and clients. In the mid 2000’s we wrote in the form of a letter posted to our very first websites, then as the years, and our internet technology progressed, they came in the form of posts to Facebook.

Every year we wrote a unique collection of unprepared spur-of-the-moment thoughts and general, yet heartfelt well-wishes. Our words were always genuine and we felt, appropriate, given the nature of the successes and difficulties that we faced together in any given year.

That of course brings us to this past year, 2020. As we sit down to write our holiday message to our friends and advertising partners, what can we say about the year we just faced? What would be considered appropriate given the wide range of emotions and experiences we all faced, collectively and individually? It didn’t seem right to simply wish you a Merry Christmas and and a prosperous New Year full of happiness, health and successes. Even though we do wish those things for you.

Working here on our website and on Facebook, it often became difficult to face the depressing and sometimes dire news almost every morning for months-on-end. (though it was certainly nothing at all compared to what many of our healthcare heroes and first responders were facing) It was true for us, as it likely was for many of you, that our time, our minds, and our days, felt dominated by the pandemic news and information cycle.

So for this year’s Christmas message we have chosen to offer well-wishes for the coming year. But this time in a more unconventional way.

This year COVID-19 dominated so much of our time, resources and thoughts that we wondered if we could take something back, turn-the-tables on COVID and use the very word to inspire some positive affirmations which we can apply to 2021. So that we can look forward with anticipation to what we hope will be a fantastic New Year where we can rebound, reclaim, and recapture the diminished aspects of our daily lives.

C – Compassion: May we be humble. May we be selfless. May we empathize with others, putting ourselves in their shoes, and see the world through their eyes. May we work toward accepting disagreements and differing opinions, remembering that this diversity is part of what makes our world special and interesting. May we dampen hatred and snap judgments and increase our love.

O – Opportunity: May we all receive new and exciting opportunities (and the courage to act on them). May we seek opportunities to be observant of the needs of the world and those around us. May we make the best of opportunities to be open-minded, challenging ourselves to consider or embrace new ideas. May we talk less, listen more and ask more questions.

V – Value: May we add more value to our lives and the lives of others. May we add value to our workplaces, in our relationships, with friends and family and each other. May we engage in acts of kindness, speak words of encouragement. May we remember that the time in each of our lives is limited and that true value is often found in the quality of something, not the quantity.

I – (Be) Impactful: May we build our lives around a clear sense of purpose. May we find the clarity to focus on what’s directly in front us, so that we might be an agent of change to affect the biggest differences within our sphere of influence. May we commit to being connected with our own authentic feelings and being true to ourselves, while still intentionally listening to and serving others.

D – Determination: May we be determined to focus on and achieve a goal (or two) in the coming year. May we be persistent and consistent.
May we stay focused on the tasks in our nearfield view while maintaining our long term vision. May we stick firm to a path, day in and day out, until we reach our desired destination.

We hope that in some small way you might find this inspiring. Maybe it will help to spur your own thoughts on what we can look forward to accomplishing in the coming year!

Together and individually we still have a lot to overcome due to the year that is (finally) almost behind us. 2021 may yet hold it’s share of difficulties ahead, but we hope and we pray, with full confidence, that our listeners, clients and our communities will overcome. Here in the western United States we have the necessary tools, resiliency, faith, and the pioneer spirit to overcome, to succeed and to triumph! Just as we always do.

From all of us at Mylocalradio.com may God bless you, and may you stay strong and healthy. May you find some of the magical joy of Christmas this year, and hopefully you will have a Merry Christmas and a bright and powerful New Year.

2021 get ready because here we come!

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