Longtime WHP Narcotics K-9 “Basil” Passes Away

News Wyoming News October 1, 2018



Longtime WHP Narcotics K-9 “Basil” Passes Away

CHEYENNE, WY.   –  Wyoming Highway Patrol lost a former Narcotics Detection K-9 on Wednesday, September 26, 2018. Basil passed away at home surrounded by his family. Basil’s career began with the Wyoming Highway Patrol in the fall, of 2008 and assigned to Trooper Barry Tippy. Basil worked in the Green River/Rock Springs, Wyoming area until his retirement in September 2017.

Basil had a highly successful career. He helped remove thousands of dollars of illegal narcotics and U.S currency from the sale of those illicit substances for our cities and streets.

Over his career Basil was deployed 473 times and sniffed out approximately; 720.4 pounds of Marijuana; 122 grams of Cocaine; 470.8 grams of Methamphetamine; 93 grams of Heroin; 1180.5 grams of other illegal narcotics. One of Basil most notable seizures was 187 pounds of high-grade marijuana concealed in a compartment which was disguised to look like a banded stack of plywood.

Basil was also responsible for finding 12 guns that were used in the commission of drug trafficking and helped confiscate $401,985 in currency. One of Basil’s largest seizures was $287,000.00, which was seized from a known interstate illegal narcotics trafficker.

Basil also helped to make his community a safer place by executing search warrants with Department of Criminal Investigations, Green River Police Department and the Rock Springs Police Department. I recall fondly, Basil conducting a search of a residence, during the search, Basil alerted to a sealed gun safe. Green River Fire Department was called in to assist in opening the safe, and a significant amount of methamphetamine was located within the safe.

Basil helped to make schools in the State of Wyoming a safe and drug-free learning environment by conducting numerous sweeps of schools and parking lots throughout the State of Wyoming.

Basil was well known in his community. He performed demonstrations for civic groups and school classes in both Green River and Rock Springs, Wyoming. Basil loved to participate in the Solvay Minerals Kids Day, which is an annual event sponsored by Solvay Minerals, in Green River. Ironically Basil passed on School District #2’s annual Children’s Wellness Day. Basil loved this event and the chance to show off his skills to the children in attendance. There was a lot of wet (drool) tennis ball tossing at these events.

Trooper Tippy stated “I had the honor of being Basil’s handler. Basil taught me many life lessons. He taught me the meaning of the words; compassion, understanding, passion, humility, patience and lastly love. Basil helped me through dark days in both my personal and professional life. He listened to rants and never told a single soul. My partner was there when I needed someone to hug and he never judged me for all of my shortcomings. Basil was my K9, partner and most importantly a best friend”.

“Dogs have given us their absolute all. We are the center of their universe. We are the focus of their love and faith and trust. They serve us in return for scraps. It is without a doubt the best deal man has ever made.” ? Roger A. Caras

A special Thank You to Dr. Dawn Bodin for making Basil’s passing as painless as possible for all involved.

Basil, thank you for all the amazing memories, you will live on forever in the tales of your adventures shared by Troopers, Agents Deputies and Police Officers around the State of Wyoming, and more importantly the citizens you served in this great State for the majority of your life.

Basil, you will live forever in my heart. You were truly one in a million!

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