Pregnancy features added to health app for Wyoming families

Wyoming News May 7, 2018



Pregnancy features added to health app for Wyoming families

Cheyenne, WY. – With new features focused on pregnancy, the free health tracking and management mobile phone app offered by the Wyoming Department of Health (WDH) has been updated to be a more useful tool for Wyoming families.

“Pregnancy can be an exciting and sometimes confusing experience. For mom and baby, it’s also a critical time that affects current and future health,” said Dr. James Bush, Wyoming Medicaid medical director with WDH. “We want our ‘Family Health’ app to be a helpful and supportive tool for women who are expecting, as well as for all family members.”

“Within the Family Health app, you can now switch from the ‘General Health’ view used for all family members to a new, specialized ‘Pregnancy View’ for an expecting mom,” Bush said.

Specialty features added to the Family Health app for pregnant women include:

Weekly and daily updates based on the baby’s due date
Tracking tools such as kick counter, weight tracker, due date calculator and baby boost
Milestones for each trimester and postpartum based on clinical guidelines
Personalized articles on pregnancy experiences
With helpful tools, the Family Health app can track medical appointments, growth and weight, immunizations and feeding for each family member. Wyoming residents using the Family Health app can enter zip codes to access Wyoming- and WDH-specific resources. “We felt the app would be more useful for families in our state if it was customized with local and state information and connections,” Bush said. “With features such as ‘click to call’ for Wyoming resources, this app is a tailored benefit rather than something generic.”

The app can be downloaded on the Apple App Store or Google Play Store by following the provided links, by searching “Family Health Wildflower” in each mobile store, or texting “Family” to 307-317-0819.

More information about the free Family Health app is available from WDH at

The app was developed in partnership with Wildflower Health, a mobile health software company. For more information about the company, visit

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