Health and safety statement from WCSD #1 Superintendent LaCroix

Local News March 13, 2020



Health and safety statement from WCSD #1 Superintendent LaCroix

NEWCASTLE   –   The Leadership Team and outside agencies have been meeting to discuss precautionary measures to limit the possible spread of the coronavirus. We will continue to look to the Center for Disease Control, Monument Health, state agencies and our local public health for updates. This is an extremely fluid situation and I will keep you updated on any local closings/cancellations information as it becomes available.

WCSD#1 is taking a proactive approach in an effort to slow the spread of the virus by implementing several precautionary measures. This is in the effort to follow the CDC recommendation of limiting students/staff to any virus exposure outside the typical day.  By cancelling (or suspending) events, we can potentially slow down the rate of the spread of the virus. Some of the precautionary measures that will be implemented in WCSD #1 until March 30th include:

  • No events or competitions. This will include FFA, FCCLA, athletic events, etc. We will still have sports practices, but we will not be hosting or attending events. The justification for having practice is: The practice field is an extension of the classroom in that these kids are together all day. The concern regarding events and competitions is the gathering of people at events, at the concession stands, etc. This way the athletes can stay in playing shape if they resume play at some point. If you have a question regarding whether an event or competition will be held, please contact your school principal.
  • No school concerts.
  • All school facilities such as the pool, gyms, and weight room will be closed for non-school use.
  • AACES will still have their after-school program. However, the AACES basketball practices and games have been cancelled.
  • There will be no Community Education classes held.
  • Staff development travel has been cancelled.
  • Parent/Teacher conferences will be conducted via phone/e-mail.  Building principals will be sharing more information at a later date.
  • There will be no AAU or Fall Guys Wrestling.
  • 3A/4A Basketball has been cancelled and will not be rescheduled. 

Please continue to stay calm, to not spread false information, and trust that professionals are working on it.  When more information becomes available, it will be communicated. If you have any questions, please contact the district office, your principal, school nurse, or Weston County Public Health. 

For more information and regular updates, please go to our district website and/or district Facebook pages or Weston County Public Health Facebook page. 

– Brad LaCroix, Superintendent


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