Rapid City Police Address Social Media Rumors of Attempted Abductions

South Dakota News August 24, 2018


Rapid City Police Address Social Media Rumors of Attempted Abductions

Rapid City, SD.   –   Perhaps you have seen or have heard about posts to Facebook, warning of abductions and kidnappings at various cities recently. Over the last several days, Rapid City Police have been contacted numerous times regarding these specific types of posts to social media, raising suspicions about activities related to kidnappings, abductions, and even speculation about organized human trafficking at several different retail locations across Rapid City.

Following an investigation into the situation, the RCPD has determined these recent reports are unsubstantiated. At this point, there is no reason to believe that any such kidnapping, organized human trafficking, or other abduction activity is taking place in Rapid City.

It’s worth noting that this situation highlights a very important issue in the realm of criminal investigation. If a person feels they may have been a victim or target of a crime, rather than simply posting about it on social media, they should call the police and report it first.

“Posting a narrative of criminal activity without getting law enforcement involved creates a dangerous situation in which rumor often eclipses fact,” says RCPD Chief of Police Karl Jegeris. “The RCPD wants to ensure Rapid City is the safest community it can be, but can only do so with the help and timely information reported from the community.”

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