School closure update and meal plans from WCSD #1

Local News March 16, 2020



School closure update and meal plans from WCSD #1

NEWCASTLE   –    After recommendation from the State Superintendent of Schools, Public Health Officials and state and local officials, we have decided to close all WCSD # 1 schools starting tomorrow, Tuesday, March 17,  2020. Schools will remain closed until further notice. We will communicate to families as soon as we have the necessary information to make future decisions.

The District will be sending out information shortly on ways to provide services and meals for our students. While some districts are transitioning to remote and online learning, we will not have any formal distance-learning activities as this approach does not allow for equitable access and experiences for all our students. In the coming days, we will notify families through our website any optional resources available for students.

Please remain vigilant in your prevention efforts by washing hands frequently, covering cough or sneeze with a sleeve or tissue, and staying home if you are sick. It is incumbent on us all to take these preventative measures to help our community stay healthy, especially those over the age of 60 or with underlying health conditions.

We understand children and families may have heightened concerns about exposure to this virus causing stress and anxiety. The following resources may be helpful in visiting with your child about this situation:

The National Association of School
Psychologist: (


As always, safety is our primary concern. Thank you for your support as our district works to ensure the health and wellbeing of our entire community. Please refer to the district website ( for ongoing updates.

At this time it is impossible to know if we are overreacting, but it’s better than underreacting and experiencing a much more severe outcome.

I would like to thank the families and staff of WCSD #1 for your support and patience as the impact of the COVID-19 virus begins to impact our communities. We have been working closely with our local public health experts to provide guidance in our decisions moving forward. While we do not have any confirmed cases at this time, we are taking preventative measures to reduce the possibility for spreading the virus. This is especially prudent considering the size of our medical facilities and staffing.

We will be providing meals out of the elementary kitchen for all of those in need. We will be working with local community groups to provide. Please let the district office or your building principal know if you will be needing a meal.

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