Tradio Recap 10/17/19

Tradio October 17, 2019


Tradio Recap 10/17/19

Friends of the Fair Fall Garage Sale: October 19 at the Weston County Event Center 8am- 1 pm. Donations accepted October 15-18 at the Fairgrounds. They will accept donations, but a limit of 1 box books and 1 bag gently used clothes per donator. All proceeds go to the Weston County Friends of the Fair for fairground improvements.

For Sale: Trailer load of cottonwood, split loaded ready to go around, about a cord and a half Call: 949-0933 or 746-2066

For Sale: 14′-16′ length 2’x 6’s, 10 2x2s, and one or two 4 x 4 posts make an offer Call: 941-1931


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