Tradio Recap 11/30/20

Tradio November 30, 2020



Tradio Recap 11/30/20

Looking For: snow removal blade for a 3 point hitch and school desks Call: 746-2179.

Free: Loveseat free, propane bbq grill free, and an old 55 gallon storage barrel Call: 746-8776.

For Sale: U-haul firewood fresh cut ponderosa pine green out of town $70 cord or 3+ $65 10 cords $60 Call: 941-1621.

For Sale: 2 pair or Wrangler jeans 36 x 30 $10 each, 2 pair of golfing shorts 36” waist $5 each, lots of other $5, Van Heusen 17x 34 dress shirt $10, various sizes of coats Call: 746-8416.

For Sale: Wood burning stove with stovepipe accepts 23” logs $250 Call: 746-5005.

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