Tradio Recap 8/19/19

Tradio August 19, 2019



Tradio Recap 8/19/19

For Sale: 9mm 359 Smith and Weston semi auto pistol and a dump brake that can be used for a yard ornament, Call: 680-9834

For Sale: 4 tickets to the Black Hills Playhouse $10 each, Call: 746-2298

For Sale: raffle tickets from the Arts Council $10 each raffle ticket. Ttwo separate raffles- one for Winchester rifle selling 200 tickets and for a knife and hatchet set hand forged in Sundance. Call 746-4623 or contact the library to get tickets.

For Sale: Items from the old roller rink, some items include 1980 electronic equipment for playing records, 8 tracks, and tape decks, TVs, and more. Call: 746-7623

For Sale: New Danner work steel toe boots size 10 $300, Call: 746-5005

Free: Free dual recliner leather couch to give away, Call: 746-4206

For Sale: Small rocker with ottoman $20, Call: 746-4206

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