Update from WCSD#1 Superintendent, Brad LaCroix

Local News March 17, 2020



Update from WCSD#1 Superintendent, Brad LaCroix

This is Brad LaCroix, Superintendent of Weston County School District # 1. I would like to provide you with an update on our status for the foreseeable future. We recognize that school closing is a major decision and challenges many of our families with a lack of education or supervision while parents are engaged in their work and careers. These are decisions that are not taken lightly by the Board of Trustees and myself. We will continue to have the best interest of our children, staff, and community as we continue to evaluate the situation.

Currently, our schools are closed through Friday, April 3, 2020. Our district will continually evaluate conditions and circumstances with local/state health professionals to determine if extension of the closure is needed. This is an ever changing situation and we will continue to communicate with all stakeholders as information changes.

As always, parents should make decisions for their own children attending school, even when it is in session. We recognize that the threat to those with compromised health and those of advanced age pose an even greater risk of significant and health impact. Families may choose to take extra precautions if they have such members within their household and we strongly support such decisions.

K-12 teaching staff have been preparing supplemental enrichment resources to support student learning and engagement during this unexpected time away from the school. Families will be able to access these supports by going online, having materials mailed to them or other arrangements. Please contact building principals with any questions or concerns you may have.

Elementary: Brandy Holmes 307-746-8631/ Bryce Hoffman 307-752-5719

MS: Tyler Bartlett 308-430-0324

HS: Tracy Ragland 307-941-9992

We will be presenting a plan later today to support families with meal service. Please see this link.

Our children sense the unusual nature of the times. I would encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to engage with your children in activities and family time. Read a book, play a game, make an indoor tent. It is essential that children be reassured that this too shall pass.

We appreciate the caring nature of our community and will continue to keep you abreast of decisions as they are made.

In an effort to follow recommendation from the President and CDC, Parent/Teacher conferences originally scheduled for next week will be cancelled. However, any parent wishing to speak with their child’s teacher(s) regarding any educational questions or concerns is encouraged to contact the teacher or your building principal and arrangements will be made. Report cards will be mailed home by the end of next week.

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