UW announces new mobile safety app for campus

Wyoming News April 11, 2018



UW announces new mobile safety app for campus

Laramie, WY. – University of Wyoming students, staff and faculty now have access to a free mobile app, Rave Guardian, which turns any smartphone into a personal safety device.

The launch of the app was announced by an ad-hoc committee of the Associated Students of UW (ASUW), as part of the university’s ongoing commitment to campus safety.

“You can’t put a price on peace of mind,” says Julia Dickie, of Cheyenne, who co-chairs the ASUW after-hours pedestrian safety committee. “This app offers a sense of security to all of its users. Rave Guardian has broad applications. Not only is it used to promote safety, which encompasses medical and personal safety, but it also has uses for maintenance and things we might not think about on a day-to-day basis.”

With Rave Guardian, users can create profiles of information about themselves and invite family and friends to their safety networks. When needed, the user can request one or more of their “Guardians” to virtually walk with them on or off campus.

The Rave Guardian app can be downloaded in the Apple or Google Play stores by searching for “Rave Guardian.”

“Bringing a safety application to campus has been a potential project for over four years now. This committee got it done in four months,” ASUW President Ben Wetzel, of Powell, says. “I can’t thank them enough for their hard work and dedication. The support of our campus partners in Student Affairs, Information Technology, the UWPD and so many other departments cannot be overstated. We could not have accomplished this without their help.”

In registering and setting up their accounts, users can add their names, campus addresses, medical notes and other pertinent information for campus safety in case of emergency.

Here are some of the other features of the app:

— Easy emergency communication — In an emergency, a one-button call to UW Police Department officials will display the user’s Guardian profile and real-time location.

— Add and message Guardians — By adding roommates, friends and family to their networks, users can feel safer when walking alone, on or off campus. Guardians also can be messaged directly through the app.

— Set a safety timer — In the event students feel unsafe, they can set a timer with their current locations, indicating where they are going and when they should arrive. In the event they do not make it there and deactivate the timer, Guardians or university police will be alerted immediately. The timer also can be extended if the student makes a stop.

— Send anonymous tips — The app allows users to anonymously text suspicious activity to campus police, including photos. This also can include sending maintenance requests for when a light is out on campus or if a pipe has burst.

— Store medical emergency information — Students, staff and faculty may input crucial medical information to assist first responders in administering timely and effective first aid. For example, if a student needs medicine to be administered in a certain amount of time during a medical emergency, instructions on the app will alert authorities.

“Safety has always been an evolving conversation on campus,” says Wendy Hungerford, the other co-chair of the ASUW after-hours pedestrian safety committee. “This app offers students control over their own safety, whether on or off campus.”

Rave Guardian is a product of Rave Mobile Safety, which serves more than 1,200 colleges and universities across the country.

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