Volunteers Help Modify Wildlife Fence Along WY Highway 28

Wyoming News September 19, 2019


Volunteers Help Modify Wildlife Fence Along WY Highway 28

SWEETWATER COUNTY– This coming winter, Wyoming big game animals will have a more open migration path across WY Highway 28 and highway motorists will have safer travels due to recent collaborative efforts lead by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department and the Wyoming Department of Transportation.

On September 12 volunteers assisted in modifying long stretches of right of way fence in a manner that will foster safer migration highway crossings for wildlife. Highway 28 right of way fences have blocked the winter and spring migrations of big game animals for a number of years.

To make crossing Highway 28 safer for both wildlife and vehicles, WYDOT and the WGFD have embarked on a two year project to make the right of way fences more permeable to wildlife migrations, reducing the time that wildlife spends trapped by the fences.

Project fence modifications have included altering the bottom fence wires so that antelope can more easily slip through fences and installing double wide opposing fence gates that allow wildlife a clear path to cross the highway.

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