WC Children’s Center terminates staff members following revelation of misdemeanor criminal charges

Local News March 14, 2022



WC Children’s Center terminates staff members following revelation of misdemeanor criminal charges

NEWCASTLE – On Tuesday, March 8, the Weston County Children’s Center Board of Directors voted to terminate the employment of two staff members after being informed that misdemeanor criminal charges had been filed against those personnel.

The board took this action after meeting in both executive session and open session to discuss an ongoing investigation into allegations that have been made as a result of a serious injury to a child that potentially occurred at our facility.

“The board acknowledged it is not making a judgment of guilt or innocence on the part of these former employees, but felt this step was necessary to demonstrate our commitment to the care and safety of our children,” WCCC Director Francie Gregory said.

She indicated that she and the rest of the staff will continue to cooperate with state and local authorities who are conducting the investigation into the alleged incident. She also expressed hope that those authorities would be able to determine the facts surrounding the child’s injuries.

“Nothing is more important to us than the health and happiness of the children we are entrusted with, and it breaks my heart that a child has suffered and a family is confronted with something like this. We want to know the truth more than anything, and hope that the system will be able to bring answers and closure to everybody involved in this tragedy,” Gregory said.

She indicated that the facility would continue to operate under its normal hours and offer its full range of services to parents and the community moving forward.

Weston County Children’s Center has chosen not to reveal the names of the alleged victim or perpetrators in this announcement, and will provide no further public comment to avoid compromising an ongoing investigation.

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