WYDOT asks motorists in NE WY to be on the watch for striping crews

Wyoming News May 8, 2020



WYDOT asks motorists in NE WY to be on the watch for striping crews

SHERIDAN, Wyo – The Wyoming Department of Transportation District 4 striping crews will be having an increased presence in the northeast corner of Wyoming the next few months as striping operations have begun throughout the state.

With that increased presence, motorists are being asked to be mindful of these operations and slow down.

Striping is a mobile operation with multiple components, including two or more vehicles with various warning devices. Typically motorists will encounter a convoy of striping vehicles.  A pilot truck, the striping unit and another pilot truck behind warning motorists of the operation ahead.

WYDOT advises all motorists to not pass in and out of the striping equipment convoy. When possible, pass all vehicles at once when it is safe and legal to do so.  If passing is not available, be patient as the striping vehicles will pull over when it is safe and appropriate.

The procedure is a slow one. In order to properly lay down the paint, these trucks travel at a speed between 8 and 12 mph. This allows for precise application making sure the line remains straight, dashes are accurate and also helps direct the paint to where it needs to go – down, rather than out.

Their slower speed is also an advantage to motorist – less debris is kicked up, thus reducing damage to passing vehicles and allows for the paint to dry, thus eliminated the “stray” tire line often seen from crossing the newly laid down paint and keeps the paint from transferring to ones vehicle.

WYDOT District 4 has two striping crews – an urban crew and a rural crew.  The urban crew can be found refreshing lines on many state and federal streets in and around local communities, whereas the rural crew is seen on the interstate and rural highways.

On average, District 4 WYDOT stripers paint over 3800 miles of roadway a year, utilizing roughly 69,000 gallons of paint with 275 tons of reflective glass beads, which provide the reflective factor at night.

It is important for motorists to slow down and move over when they encounter any maintenance, construction and utilities workers and vehicles when traveling on Wyoming’s interstates and highways, in fact, it is a Wyoming state law.

As a reminder, the Move Over law requires motorists to move over or slow down when encountering an emergency vehicle that has pulled over.

When a construction, maintenance or utility vehicle is stopped on a road with two or more lanes in the same direction, motorists must move to the farthest lane away from the stopped vehicle.

On a two-lane road where speeds are 45 mph or greater, motorists must slow down to 20 mph below the posted speed limit. Motorists can be fined $235 for failure to move over.

WYDOT employees take great pride in the work they do and the safety they provide the traveling community. They appreciate you keeping them safe while they do the same.

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