Wyoming Becomes Latest State to Enact “Stand Your Ground” Law

Wyoming News March 20, 2018


Wyoming Becomes Latest State to Enact “Stand Your Ground” Law

Starting July 1st, 2018 Wyoming will become one of the latest states in the nation to enact a stand your ground law. The law was lobbied hard by gun advocate groups and the National Rifle Association. Governor Matt Mead says that the new law is, intended to bolster selfdefense in the state, and will have little impact on the criminal system here in Wyoming.

The Bill extends the “Castle Doctrine”, which says Wyoming residents do not have to retreat when attacked in there homes. The new Bill establishes that someone can use deadly force in situations of self defense without having to retreat to a place where they are “lawfully present” if they “honestly” believe there is an immediate threat of danger of seriously bodily injury.

The Bill offers protection both in criminal and civil court cases and will become effective on July 1st, 2018.

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