Wyoming Considers Wider Area for Antler-Collection Rules

Wyoming News February 21, 2019



Wyoming Considers Wider Area for Antler-Collection Rules

CHEYENNE, WY. (AP) — People who collect antlers and horns shed by big-game animals could have to comply with new rules under a measure close to passing the Wyoming Legislature.

Right now, Wyoming prohibits antler collecting west of the Continental Divide each Jan. 1-May 1 to discourage people from disturbing wildlife.

The Wyoming Senate passed a bill 19-11 on Wednesday that would allow the Wyoming Game and Fish Commission to set new rules for antler collecting west of Interstates 90 and 25, a much larger area.

The bill heads back to the House for a vote on changes made by the Senate.

Wyoming first adopted antler collection rules a decade ago amid concern that antler collectors were spooking wildlife during springtime. Such disturbances can be deadly for animals weakened after months of winter.

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