Wyoming Governor took action on 11 bills on Friday

Wyoming News April 5, 2021



Wyoming Governor took action on 11 bills on Friday

CHEYENNE, WYO. – Governor Mark Gordon took action on 11 bills on Friday, April 2. The Governor signed the following bills into law last Friday:

Bill#       Enrolled Act#          Bill Title
HB0091     HEA0032    Removal of unenforceable property covenants

HB0057    HEA0033    Advance enrollment

HB0107    HEA0043    Retirement system-efficient disbursement method

HB0122    HEA0046    Hunting and fishing access-reliable funding

HB0052    HEA0047    Wyoming school protein enhancement project

SF0088    SEA0025    Ownership of fossils and artifacts

SF0074    SEA0026    Athletic trainer revisions

SF0124    SEA0032     Defending Wyoming business-trade and commerce amendments

HB0039    HEA0036     Optometrist practice act amendments.

The Governor also vetoed the following bill:
SF0093 SEA0019 WICHE repayment program-veterinary medicine students

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