Wyoming Museum’s Video Series Focuses on Firearms’ History

Wyoming News November 19, 2018



Wyoming Museum’s Video Series Focuses on Firearms’ History

CHEYENNE, WY. (AP) — The Wyoming State Museum is launching a video series to teach people about firearms from the museum’s collection.

The first two videos in the “Firearms Friday” series were posted this week on the museum’s YouTube channel .

Museum volunteer Evan Green explains the history and other details of two revolvers, one produced by Remington and another produced by Smith & Wesson.

Museum Collections Section Supervisor Jim Allison says the series is intended to show people the variety of weapons contained in the museum’s collection.

The museum in Cheyenne focuses on the history of Wyoming and the Rocky Mountain region. Its collections also include items crafted and used by Native Americans, clothing and household items and examples of fossils, minerals and animal life.

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