Wyoming Producers Seek Taiwanese Buyers

News Wyoming News October 2, 2018



Wyoming Producers Seek Taiwanese Buyers

CHEYENNE,WY.| Tom Dixon, Wyoming Business Council – Four Wyoming agriculture companies are meeting potential buyers and exploring market opportunities in Taiwan this week as part of the Wyoming Business Council’s ongoing international trade mission efforts.

Murraymere Farms and GF Harvest, both of Powell; True Ranches, of Casper; and Wyoming Malting Company, of Pine Bluffs, are visiting wholesalers, grocers, import companies, meat processors and restaurants during a four-day trade mission funded by the Business Council and the State Trade and Export Promotion (STEP) program, a federal initiative to increase United States exports.

Wyoming international trade representative Chester Chu initiated the meetings as part of his role in helping Wyoming companies establish a presence in Asian markets.

Chu is tasked with establishing relationships between Asian buyers and distributors and Wyoming businesses, assisting Wyoming exporters traveling to Asia and attending trade industry events. He will also educate Wyoming businesses on exporting to Taiwan and identify market demand Wyoming can fulfill.

Hiring an international trade representative was one of several calls to action in Enrolled Act 37 approved by the Wyoming Legislature and signed by Gov. Matt Mead this spring.

Chu’s presence in Taiwan will help Wyoming raise the profile of its products – including agriculture, minerals and manufactured goods – to the 23.5 million people in Taiwan.

Wyoming ranchers are poised to benefit from increased Asian demand for beef. U.S. beef sales have increased from $128 million to $410 million in the last decade.

The trip will also mark the grand opening of the Wyoming-Asia Pacific Trade Office.

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